Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Seminar attendees are challenged to evaluate their own business, its past results against internal expectations and against peer results. Small group hands on working sessions help to improve understanding of your business and to take control of the issues facing you when you return to the day-to-day challenges.

  • Call (253-851-6327) or email if you’re interested in finding out the topic and location of future speaking engagements.
  • Previous seminars are outlined below on the following topics of Finance, Strategy, and Marketing
  • Training is also available at your site and considered the most effective program we offer.

Seminar Topics

Topics are outlined below and are organized by area of interest.

Individual businesses or industry trade associations may select any of these topics. Seminars are always personalized for the individual needs and perspectives of the unique audience. All seminars are designed as “hands on” training tools. Participants take away practical information and ideas that they can put to use immediately.



“Where The Money Is”
Subject: Understanding Your Financial Condition
Develop a comprehensive budget for your own business and improve your understanding of how to track your business in the future.

“Need a Loan? How to Wow Your Banker”
Subject: Creating a Business Plan That Will Attract Funding
How to create a business plan that will impress your banker (or angel) and strengthen your business.



“Planning For Change”
Subject: An integrated look at your business
Evaluate your own business, its past successes and failures and the future challenges facing it involving pricing, marketing, service, quality, production issues.

“Survival Strategies For The Future”
Subject: Examine the industry of yesterday, today and tomorrow
Develop survival strategies and examine ways to take advantage of coming opportunities.

“Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”
Subject: Strategic Business Development
How to create a business development and marketing plan that will make your volume and profit grow beyond your most optimistic projections.

“Being Strategic”
Subject: Strategic Planning
Provides the structure and process to create an effective dynamic USABLE strategic plan with clear goals, specific action plans, empowered accountabilities and definitive time lines.



“Becoming the ‘Apple’ of the Drycleaning Industry”
Subject: Branding
Putting your brand at “top of mind” in your market and separating your business from commodity status.

“Raving Customers”
Subject: Excellence in Customer Service
How to interact with your customers so they will become your sales force by raving about you.

“Selling for Success”
Subject: Training Your Sales Force
Critical path selling for sales team development and business expansion.