Our History


METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT is over 50 years old and continues to . . .

“Share Knowledge and Perspective with Integrity and Confidence.”

METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT was founded in 1953 by Max Rechnitz and joined by his daughter, Deborah Rechnitz in 1980. The pair built a strong reputation as a top notch management consulting firm that assists independent business owners in achieving their personal and business goals. Max has now retired and Deborah works exclusively with MFM’s Australian clients. Diana Vollmer became a senior consultant with the firm in 1997.  Kermit Engh joined MfM in 2014, bringing decades of experience in business ownership, specifically through Fashion Cleaners in Omaha, NE. METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT’s commitment to its clients has not changed and we pledge to continue to provide in-depth and practical assistance to our clients.

It’s our job to get to know our clients, their likes and dislikes, and their priorities, both personal and business. These are the important criteria in critical decisions. When problems and opportunities arise, and they frequently do, we are better prepared to work through these issues. We try to provide an objective outside perspective, perhaps guidance, frequently some specific data and information, and a few insights, to help our clients see the forest for the trees. Our role is to provide clients with support, guidance, comfort and leadership; to offer an independent perspective  knowing that issues are always held in the strictest of confidence.

Methods for Management serves specific industries through independent consulting relationships as well as coordination and facilitation of Management Bureaus.

Management Bureaus: MFM bureaus create an environment where members are comfortable sharing their information, issues, and concerns with respected and trusted peers. Participants talk about their issues and hold each other accountable. Members build long term friendships, and help each other see those things that owners are too close to see through the daily routine.

Other services include:

Strategic Planning: The idea of rising above the tumult of day-to-day business to ponder the future of markets and competitors wherein it is not enough to improve your efficiency, but rather it is time to generate distinctive, competitive advantages.

Family and Succession Planning with Buy/Sell Assistance: These areas frequently reflect a once in a life time experience dealing with family harmony, fairness, affordability, competency and fit.

On Site Management Training:  Our team of trained management consultants provides owners, managers, first-line supervisors and team leaders development opportunities by focusing on mprovement in their ability to manage people and projects, set and meet performance objectives, work effectively in cross-functional and team situations, make day-to-day decisions, establish priorities, and improve skill-based content areas.

Customized Private Consulting:  Individual needs  are addressed on a personalized basis as clients encounter unique and specific issues.